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CHOA AGM and 1 Day Symposium - April 12, 2014
Ramada Plaza & Conference Centre
36035 North Parallel Rd, Abbotsford BC
CHOA AGM at 8:30am
Symposium: The Changing Strata Industry at 9:30am-3:30

Symposium outline and Registration (PDF)
CHOA Notice of Annual General Meeting and Annual Report (PDF)
CHOA AGM Proxy and Call for Directors nomination form (PDF)

The International Housing & Home Warranty Conference (IHHWC)

The International Housing & Home Warranty Conference (IHHWC) is coming to Vancouver September 7-10, 2014. Held every three years, this prestigious conference brings together warranty organizations, government representatives, home builders and housing professionals from around the world. Experts in building science/construction, finance, insurance, social housing and politics will share their perspectives on the future of home ownership.

Register today. Early-bird registration available until May 30, 2014. Learn more at www.ihhwc2014.ca.

Legislative Update: New Court Remedies for Strata Corporations

As of December 12, 2013 the Strata Property Act was amended, now allowing a strata corporation with majority support to apply to the BC Supreme Court requiring strata owners to pay for certain repairs.

Under the amendment the court can issue an order to proceed with certain critical repairs necessary to ensure safety and prevent significant loss or damage as if the strata owners had passed a resolution approving a special levy.

For more information please review the CHOA Information Bulletin.

Depreciation Reports

The B.C. provincial government has introduced new regulations making depreciation reports mandatory for strata corporations in B.C. Strata corporations of less than 5 units will be exempt from the requirements, plus a strata corporation may consider exempting itself by passing a 3/4 vote resolution. Changes to the Form B, Information Certificate were also introduced.

Changes to the Form B Information Certificate regarding Parking and Storage Lockers

Effective January 1, 2014, under the Strata Property Act and Regulations, upon request for a Form B Information Certificate, strata corporations will be obliged to disclose the nature of parking and storage lockers and how they are assigned to a strata lot.

Please click here for the CHOA bulletin: What you need to know about: Parking Spaces and Storage Lockers January 1, 2014 (PDF)

Please click here for a copy of the new Form B Information Certificate that took effect Jan. 1, 2014.

Safety Order: Hydraulic Elevators - Griffin controllers

The a BC Safety Authority has issued an Elevating Devices Safety Order to all licensed elevator contractors and building owners/property managers. This Safety Order applies to all hydraulic elevators with Griffin controllers, and is effective immediately. Building owners/property managers share the responsibility with elevator contractors for:

  • posting warning signage on the elevator car top within 30 days of the effective issue date of this Safety Order;
  • ensuring that all hydraulic elevators with Griffin controllers are altered and tested by April 26, 2015; and
  • notifying BC Safety Authority of the completion of these alterations.

For more information please visit the BC Safety Authority website

Civil Resolution Tribunal acting chairperson appointed

The B.C. government has appointed an acting chair to start work on B.C.'s new Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT), the tribunal will assist in resolving strata and small claim disputes.
A copy of the government of BC news release is available here

For more information please visit the following resources:
Information about the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act is available on the Ministry of Justice website
A copy of Bill 44, the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act is available here

New Changes to the Limitation Act

The new Limitation Act comes into force on June 1, 2013. Please click here for the CHOA bulletin "New Limitation Act Requires Careful Consideration by Strata Corporations" written by Elaine McCormack from the law firm Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang LLP. In addition, further information is posted on the Ministry of Justice website.

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