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Thank you to the provincial Homeowner Protection Office (HPO), a branch of BC Housing for their generous support of CHOA's educational program.

Handouts and material from CHOA's Spring 2014 Education Program.
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Materials from CHOA’s 2014 Symposium.
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The CHOA Fall 2014 courses focus on:

#1) Insurance : Strata Corporation, Council, Owner, Tenant
#2) Creating Notice Packages
#3) Implementing your Depreciation Report, Managing your Repair, Maintenance and Renewal Schedules and Budget Planning

NOTE: Depending on speaker availability and organizing logistics the courses may not be offered in the order listed.

The curriculum of each course has been designed to provide a complete reference to the Strata Property Act, Regulations, Schedule of Standard Bylaws, and interrelated legislation that has an impact on strata corporations in BC.

Fall 2014 Seminar Course Outline (PDF)
Fall 2014 seminar session list (PDF)

In addition to the various classroom locations listed below, on-site strata seminars are available directly to your strata corporation. For information, fees and availability please contact CHOA's Executive Director Tony Gioventu at

Fall 2014 Strata Education Program

Completed registration forms can be saved by using the latest version of Adobe Reader and emailed to CHOA, or printed and sent to the CHOA office by email, fax or mail. You are also welcome to register by phone.

  • Lower Mainland Strata Seminars Oct 4 to Dec 1
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  • BC Interior and Kootenay Strata Seminars Oct 14 to 25
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  • Vancouver Island Strata Seminars Nov 14 to 29
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  • Prince George Strata Seminar Sept 13 to 15
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Due to the popularity of workshops pre-registration and pre-payment are required. If you have a question regarding a CHOA strata seminar please call the office at 604-584-2462 ext. 2, toll free at 1-877-353-2462 ext. 2 or email

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