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At CHOA we believe information and education are integral to the successful operation and administration of your strata corporation. With that goal in mind, we encourage all strata owners to access the below public resources. If you have any questions please contact your closest CHOA Office.

Air Space Parcel Agreements

Curious about Air Space Parcel Agreements? Not sure what an Air Space Parcel Agreement is? Want more information? This educational guide, produced in partnership with the Real Estate Council of British Columbia and CHOA, offers valuable details and information about Air Space Parcel Agreements.

Please click here for a copy of What a Strata Corporation needs to know about: Air Space Parcel Agreements

Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on Strata Properties in British Columbia

CHOA is pleased to share our report "Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on Strata Properties in British Columbia" with BC's strata industry. This report, developed by the Condominium Home Owners' Association (CHOA) in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Mines, identifies what a strata corporation or a strata lot owner needs to know when considering the installation of an electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) on strata property.

Please click here to read the Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on Strata Properties in British Columbia (PDF)

Changes to the Form B Information Certificate regarding Parking and Storage Lockers

Effective January 1, 2014, under the Strata Property Act and Regulations, upon request for a Form B Information Certificate, strata corporations are obliged to disclose the nature of parking and storage lockers and how they are assigned to a strata lot.

Please click here for the CHOA bulletin: What you need to know about: Parking Spaces and Storage Lockers January 1, 2014 (PDF)

Please click here for a copy of the new Form B Information Certificate that took effect Jan. 1, 2014.

Civil Resolution Tribunal Act

On May 7th the provincial government introduced legislation, Bill 44 the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act, for justice reform that included a new alternative dispute resolution option for strata corporations in British Columbia. This is the first step in creating a low-cost, efficient, effective, alternative dispute resolution tribunal for BC's strata corporations. Bill 44 passed third reading on May 30, 2012.

  • A copy of the CHOA Press Release can be found here (PDF).
  • The Government of British Columbia News Release may be found here.
  • Information on the Ministry of Justice website may be found here.
  • Information on the Housing Policy Branch website may be found here.
  • Bill 44, the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act may be found here.
  • A copy of Tony Gioventu's Condo Smarts column "Civil Resolution Tribunal Act" may be found here

Depreciation Reports

The B.C. provincial government has introduced new regulations making depreciation reports mandatory for strata corporations in B.C. Strata corporations of less than 5 units will be exempt from the requirements, plus a strata corporation may consider exempting itself by passing a 3/4 vote resolution. Changes to the Form B, Information Certificate were also introduced.

Articles / Bulletins

The Strata Property Act applies to all strata corporations in British Columbia. This section includes various articles and bulletins that will assist the many strata corporations throughout B.C.

Condo Smarts

Since November 2002, CHOA's Executive Director, Tony Gioventu has informed readers with his "Condo Smarts" column. Answering real questions about real life situations, Tony has helped strata councils and owners with the operations and administration of their strata corporations. This column is currently published in the Province newspaper, Times Colonist, plus community papers in Penticton, Kelowna, Kamloops and Prince George.

Want to read these intriguing and informative columns? Please click here for a complete list of every Condo Smarts column published.

Strata Living

As of Thursday November 10, 2011 Tony Gioventu, CHOA's Executive Director, is a featured columnist in the 24 Hours newspaper. With a sensible and practical approach to strata questions, his "Strata Living" column can be found each Thursday in the "Habitat" section. Distributed to over 250,000 readers weekly, hard copies of the 24 Hours newspaper are available free throughout the greater Vancouver area, Monday to Friday. Electronic copies of the newspaper are available daily from the 24 Hours homepage, plus archived copies of the e-edition are available online.

CHOA Journal

Each issue of the CHOA Journal includes researched articles compiled by CHOA staff and other professionals on various aspects of strata living and the business industry. Included with membership, the CHOA Journal is a valuable tool for strata owners, strata council members and representatives from the strata industry to use when addressing a strata related question.

To view the latest issue of the CHOA Journal please click here to download.

Building Asset Management

These bulletins provide a common understanding of the language and the terms that relate to the best practices of the maintenance, repair and long-term planning of renewal of your common property and common assets in your building systems. The bulletins have been produced in partnership with CHOA, RDH Building Engineering Ltd. and the generous support of the Real Estate Foundation of BC.

Experts on Call

Talk about Strata. Tune into AM650 one Tuesday of each month from 7:00pm till 8:00pm to join Tony Gioventu, CHOA's Executive Director, discuss strata's and strata living. Sponsored by Quay Pacific Property Management, the "Talk About Strata" show will explore the many facets of buying, owning and living in a strata corporation. Covering a variety of topics such as pet bylaws, age bylaws, rental restrictions, insurance, maintenance and repair, or even administration and operations, this show will cover it all. If it is strata related, it will be discussed. With so many interesting strata topics, each show promises to be educational and informative.

Visit the AM650 website to listen live or review past segments.

Ministry of Energy and Mines

Office of Housing and Construction Standards

The Province of BC strata property website may be found here. A series of 28 guides that discuss a range of strata issues and topics may be here.

Homeowner Protection Office: Maintenance Matters Bulletins

Maintenance Matters is a series of bulletins designed to provide practical information on the maintenance of the building envelope of multi-unit residential buildings including townhouses, low and high-rise residential buildings. For more information please visit the HPO website.

Strata-sphere Condominium Services Inc. is a company designed to assist the strata industry by providing education and information regarding stratas, bylaws and other relevant strata topics. The company provides up to date and relevant industry news with the "Voice from the Strata-sphere" newsletter and an opportunity for you to learn more about bylaws with the "Strata Property Act – A Practical Guide to Bylaws." Archived copies of the newsletter may be found on the "Strata-sphere" website.

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