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If you have any questions regarding membership with CHOA please call the CHOA Office at 604.584.2462 ext. 2 or toll-free at 1.877.353.2462 ext. 2

Membership is available to any strata corporation that has a residential component. Strata corporations may be mixed commercial/residential, high-rise condominiums, leasehold stratas, townhouses, bare land stratas, duplexes, or any variety of strata corporations under the current legislation in BC.

CHOA offers three types of membership:

Strata Corporate membership

If your strata corporation is a member, anyone who owns a unit within the corporation may access the services of the Association. Membership is an annual fee of $5.50 per unit (minimum $85, maximum $575) and includes the following services:

Advisory Services by Phone and Email (CHOA has full-time strata advisors in each office to assist our members with the following topics)

  • The Strata Property Act
  • General operations of the Strata Corporation
  • The responsibility, duties and authority of strata council
  • The responsibility, duties and authority of strata lot owners
  • Resources of other services or industries associated with strata properties.
  • Preliminary strata bylaw review and assistance
  • Legislative changes
  • Depreciation Reports

Special Advisor Services (Some fees may apply – call CHOA for more information)

  • On-site workshops, seminars
  • On-site Annual or Special General Meetings

CHOA Journal

The CHOA Journal is currently published fours times per year. It contains technical articles written by industry professionals. Approximately 48 pages in length, the Journal offers strata owners advice and information regarding all facets of strata living. Goals of the Journal are to bring together strata related news and provide strata owners with the opportunity to increase their knowledge related to strata living. Copies of the Journal are mailed to CHOA's corporate members, associate members, individuals who have specifically subscribed to the publication and business members. The Journal currently has a circulation of 12,500.

Web Resources (Part of the “members-only” area of the CHOA website which is updated regularly)

  • Bylaw enforcement
  • Taking minutes
  • Pets
  • Committees
  • Rental restriction bylaws
  • Access to information
  • Age restriction bylaws
  • Case law and Human Rights rulings
  • Responsibilities of strata corporations
  • Collections
  • Responsibilities of strata councils
  • Record keeping
  • Responsibilities of owners
  • Bylaws versus rules
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Sections versus types
  • Alterations agreements
  • Contracts
  • Strata insurance
  • Hiring a property manager information
  • Resolving disputes
  • Building operations
  • Procedures issues, voting and proxies
  • Maintenance & Reserve planning
  • Convening general meetings
  • Rules of order

Advance Mailings

CHOA members will receive direct mailing regarding CHOA educational workshops, legislative updates and other information that is pertinent to strata communities.

Associate membership

If your strata chooses not to join CHOA an individual strata lot owner may apply for an Associate Membership. An Associate membership costs $100 annually and includes a subscription to the CHOA journal, access to publications, seminars and workshops however advisory services are limited to questions relating to the associate member's individual strata lot only.

Business membership

CHOA also offers business membership at an annual fee of $250. The company wanting to join CHOA must: be a member in good standing of a Professional Association of the relevant industry or organization with a mandatory dispute resolution, or must be a member of the Better Business Bureau for at least 6 months prior to the date of their application for membership, or must be an association that in the opinion of the CHOA Board or Directors would best serve its members.

Benefits to business membership include: Subscription to the CHOA Journal (3 copies quarterly), listing in the CHOA Journal and on the CHOA website (please provide CHOA with your companies website address if you wish us to include an internet link to your website), an additional discount of 10% on advertising in the CHOA Journal, Identity decal and an electronic version of the CHOA logo to use when promoting your company as a CHOA business member, discounts on publications, and access to workshops and seminars.

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